Monday, November 5, 2012

Our "Spooky" Halloween

Crew was such a blast this year. He totally caught on to the concept of Halloween. Every pumpkin, ghost or skeleton he saw was met with squeals of excitement and comments to the effect of "Spooky Halloween, right, Mommy?"

The new found understanding created a minor catastrophe when the week before Halloween he got it in his mind that he did not, in fact, want to be a train conductor. Nope, he was heck bent on being a pumpkin. As in the costume you put on your infant because they are unpredictably chubby, can't walk and frankly, can't refuse in favor of something cooler. 

Luckily, a visit to the party store for a train whistle = crisis averted. 

I had fun taking photos of him during a church Halloween party, on his way to a daycare party and then of course, the big night.  

Crew rocked the Trunk or Treat Halloween games. There was no foolin' this kid with fake eyeballs and veins. He immediately yelled, "It's noodles, Daddy!"

Finally made the connection between Trick or Treat and getting free candy.

Sporting his loot from the party
On his way to his DayCare party with a belly full of ghoulish treats

Hurricane Sandy had Dad working from home on Halloween so we got an early start with the fun!

Ready to Go!
And for your viewing pleasure, Crew at his first door.

IMG 0753 from Maura Lansford on Vimeo.


Katie Chandler said...

Cuteness! I love videos!

skymiles said... kids were BOTH pumpkins this year! And I think they were super cute. But I do agree that there are way cooler costumes out there waiting for my boy to want them :)