Monday, December 31, 2012

Morning o' Sledding

Updating after a 2-month absence is going to come slow and will probably be motivated by the posts I am least overwhelmed to write. :)

Christmas break gave Crew and I a few days home just the two of us. And I must say the time has been just as magical, busy and tiring as I had ever imagined "stay at home" mommyhood to be. 

On one such day, we ventured out to one of our favorite near-by parks for some sledding. Crew got a sled for Christmas; and had had an evening adventure with it at Grandma's house. So basically, we were pros. 

Crew stayed warm and an excellent sport. He was also bound and determined to climb, slide and generally, fend for himself. I watched him with mostly pride as he made his way up and down, loving every minute of what I thought would be an exhausting trek for him.

Only the tiniest part of me was sad at how little he needed my help. 

And of course, what is a morning of sledding without a cup of coco to top things off?

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