Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Birthday Calendar and Important Dates Binder

Our ward's January Additional Relief Society Meeting was wonderfully simple and a lot of fun. 

We made Annual Birthday Calendars and Date Organizers. 

Prior to the activity we purchased a printable from and permission to use the printable in a group setting. The printable set included a title page and a monthly page for recording important dates and occasions. The idea is to put the sheets in a page protector and use the back side or separate pocket dividers to store cards for each upcoming month's occasions.

We asked each sister to bring her own binder, and then provided the printed page for each month, page protectors, pens to fill in important dates and treats to fuel the chatter. 

We also encouraged sisters to store stamps and a spreadsheet of addresses in the binder so it could be a 'one stop shop' for sending a card, so to speak. I've already stashed some '90 percent off' Christmas cards from Target in my binder this week. 

I received a similar binder several years ago when I got married and am excited that so many sisters attended the evening. Even in today's digital age, I love getting a card in the mail and hope my new (organized) binder will help me do a better job of keeping in touch


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