Wednesday, May 29, 2013

In the Springs

We had a wonderful time blowing off yard projects this weekend and taking some time to visit Ashley and Jarad in Colorado Springs.

It had been way too long since seeing their little family and we had a blast catching up, chasing the kids, and soaking up nothing but 85-degree weather. Crew feel in absolute love with their three little dogs (two being puppy-sat) and was such a good playmate to their one-year-old daughter, Addison. And no accidents on two nine-hour car rides? Lets just say I was one proud mama.

We kicked off the weekend with golf for the boys and then a Colorado Springs Skysox game that evening. They underwhelmed us with their scoring through all nine innings and then pulled out an amazing win in extra innings. Which we enjoyed from the parking lot, having lost all faith in them at that point. Isn't that how it always goes? :)
Crew was thrilled with his ice cream and continued to use that cap/bowl for any snack for the remainder of the trip.

Our Group: Crew, Maura, Jarad, Ashley, Addison, Lori and Reese
Sunday consisted of a giant waffle breakfast, afternoon church and a delicious outdoor dinner. Ashley and I pampered ourselves Monday morning with pedicures. After naps for all we were off to the Heritage Days street fair, dinner at Rudy's BBQ, finishing up the evening with old school arcade games in Manitou Springs.

With the Indian artifacts in the "Peter Pan" Teepee

The Lansford spread. Mmmmm, good!

Enjoying our Josh and John's ice cream. We loved the strawberry and dutch chocolate!

We had such a fun time and are thankful to the Reddekopps for such a fun weekend! After a long drive, it was nice to see home in sight!

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How do you look so cute on vacation?!