Monday, June 10, 2013

Everything and Nothing

As a new mom, it sure wouldn't hurt to have someone give you a preview of how STINKIN FUN your child would be at three years old. Not that I wasn't thrilled with my infant beautiful bundle of joy at the time, but man these kids get so cute and oh, so fun!

Work is ramping up so a day off or an afternoon activity is just what I need - all the time. Last week we spent the morning at the zoo and hit up Dad for a quick lunch now that his office has been moved to the University area. Crew loves the elephants, giraffes and the carousal. He was also strangely interested in the snakes this, that is a smelly little building. 

We hit up the Farmers Market this weekend, forgetting that at this point in the season, there is pretty much no produce. That being said we found plenty to munch on, Crew met a million "puppies, and completely wore himself out with the playground. I wore myself out dragging a giant wagon in and out of the back seat of a Mazda 6. Still, totally worth it. 

Utah experienced some serious heat this weekend and we chose to escape it in Grandma Janice's A/C'd home and kiddy pool. Excellent choice.

And some outdoor cooking on Sunday night while enjoying the cool shade of our yard.Yum!

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