Friday, May 9, 2008

Don't Be Stupid...

and leave a purse in your locked car while you work out at the Sugarhouse Golds Gym. You will most likely work out for an embarrassing 25 minutes and come out to find your passenger side window has been smashed in. Your fake Dolce and Gabana purse with incredibly large zippers that carries your wallet (license, ss card, gift cards, etc), prepaided Weight Watchers card and your-ever important planner will be gone while your husband's passport, checkbook and mp3 player remain untouched in the center console. Regardless, I am blessed that we were able to cancel everything within a matter of moments and my husband's job allows him to monitor my credit history daily. Also, I feel very blessed to have a boss that let me spend the day getting Cole's car repaired and securing new copies of my license and ss card. Needless to say I have learned my lesson.


Jar & Ash said...

Sad days for the landsfords! glad you got it taken care of! And thanks againf for taking us to the bee's! I feel a wii tournament coming on soon!

Shannon said...

I can't believe that happened!! How scary, glad you're okay though. I love you blog! You guys are still so cute together.

Nicole and Scott said...

Still freaks me, you are a great blogger...pretty much the most clever writer I know!

The Hartle's said...

That is so sad, I cant believe it! I hate when that kind of stuff happens, dont you wish you could catch the meany! I love that you blogged about it though!

Becca said...

Oh, nothing worse than having to cancel all the cards etc. etc.! Can't believe that happened~ especially since they stole your fantastic mustard yellow purse! Hope it all gets resolved. Thanks again for hosting the book club last night--it was so fun!!!

Melinda and Chris said...

I have worked out at that gym and I know what you mean.
Even today while at work, I was carrying a TON of marketing stuff heading into a presentation, so I thought "ehhh I will just leave my purse in my car. No biggie!"
I come back see 2 thuggish lookin kids with their hoods puleed up over their heads standing around by my was looking in my passenger window (this is all this morning)and I thought "well that was dumb of me"
When they saw me walking up, they left.
Ugh I am sorry that happened to you! Atleast they didnt steal your CAR though.
My friend Katie (you can look at her blog, she posted about it. It is under "Bryce and Katie" had her car stolen last week! Her mom text her and said "LOOK OUTSIDE! YOUR CAR WAS STOLEN", thinking it was a LATE april fools, she laughed it off. Needless to say, the police had called the owner of the car (her mom) to inform her that they had pulled over a stolen vehicle that happen to have been theirs.
I hope they catch those guys!
You should have left one of the cards open so when they tried to use it, a notice would come up to the retail location saying "this card is stolen, call police"


Briggs and Alyssa said...

Atleast you had a sweet story to put on your blog. Your life is definately more interesting then ours. BD