Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Maura's 8s

8 things I'm passionate about:
-My relationship with the Lord
-My amazing hubby, Cole.
-Learning something new everyday
-Relationships with my friends and family
-A good deal
-House Hunting and
-My job

8 movies I can watch without getting sick of 'em:
- House Guest
- A river runs through it
- First Wives Club
- Yours, Mine and Ours (old school version)
- Italian Job
- Hello, Dolly!
- Remember the Titians
- The Prestige

8 books (loosely interpreted) I've read recently:
-The Memory Keeper's Daughter
-The Other Boleyn Girl
-Real Simple
-Better Homes and Gardens
-Velo News
-Outside Magazine

8 things I say often:
-For Sure
-Woop, Woop
-Word. (Like how homies say it)
-Work it, Work it
-Hmmmmm... (pensive thought)
-So, what's the plan?
-Really, [pause] Really? (stolen from favorite co-worker, Lindsay)
-Who says that?

8 things that attract me to a friend:
-Makes me want to be better (mostly kinder)
-Doesn't take everything too seriously
-Different interests (I mean, how else would I ever try new things)
-Chats about everything and nothing at all
-Ladies Night

8 random things about me:
-I used to be afraid of bare feet
-I love all beans, a lot
-My secret desire is to be an event planner (Becca, we should start our own business!)
-I prefer small groups to large parties
-I love "discovering" cute, new businesses/products
-I am still trying to figure out what "style" I am
-I am very scared of dogs
-This post took me days!

8 things I want to do before I die:
- Buy and decorate an amazing home
- Have a family
- See the pyramids
- Travel while we are still young enough to enjoy it
- Sky dive
- Achieve something great (and hard)
- Serve a mission with Cole
- Never break a bone

8 things I've learned this past year:
- Just because the answer is "yes" doesn't mean the answer is "yes, right now."
-See above
-See above
-See above
-Don't try to add milk to the caramel for caramel apples...it won't stick
-Real change is possible. It takes time
-I can do whatever I put my mind to
- Always check your pockets before you put a load in (Sorry, honey!)

8 people who should write about their 8's:
-Alyssa & Briggs
-Katie Cavanaugh
-The Voges
- Nicole and Scott
- Ruth Gough
- Jarad and Ashley
- The Wambekes
- The Logans


Becca said...

Maura, that's a fantastic idea!!! We could call it VT's since we used to be visiting teaching companions (I think it's a sign--it must be meant to be!). BTW-I stopped in at Nothing Bundt Cakes yesterday---LOVED it! We could totally work out a deal with them when we start our business...

Nicole and Scott said...

I officially love reading your blog...you are so clever and funny! I am excited to do my eights!!!!!!!!

Nicole and Scott said...

I offically love reading your blog. You are so clever and funny---so stoked to do my eights!

Kendall Hawley said...

Love your blog Maura...thanks for the post on Heidi's about the cute dresses...weddings are SO stressful and you just hope it will all come together! I'm sure you know EXACTLY what I'm talking about. You two are super cute!