Thursday, June 19, 2008

Don't mess with TX...

Or any of the Lansfords! :) Cole and I have been so excited for this week because his crazy and super fun family is in town.

Cole and two of his sisters already live in Utah, but Wes and Stacy drove up from Dallas with the rest of the gang on Sunday. So far, we got to celebrate Father's Day with Wes, eat a yummy dinner at Johnny Carinos and help his sister Baylee assemble a dresser from ikea (Watching the boys struggle was entertainment enough).

Still to come on the Agenda:
Shopping in Park City
Golf for the boys
Family Pictures (hmmm)
Moving Taylor into BYU dorms
Camping in the motor home
Wii Bowling/Tennis Marathons in Ogden
Bukey/Lansford Par-tay
and More!

Pictures to follow!


Jared & Laura said...

That's quite the agenda...have fun!!

Jar & Ash said...

looks like fun! see you guys tomorrow!

Chris & T said...

What a fun weekend! :) I love crazy families!! Party on!! And then when they leave you and Cole need to come swimming with us and the Redds!

Katie said...

Your face is so skinny!

Where is this picture taken?

Nicole and Scott said...

Give me more!