Thursday, June 5, 2008

Retraction (Boo!)

As many of you may know (if you read this regularly) we were under contract to buy a house (352 E Westminster). We thought it was such an answer to our prayers. It was in our current ward (which we love), still close to work and school, in our price range and appeared to need just a few coats of paint.

After our inspection last week, we discovered a few small things that needed to be repaired but those fell under the additional $$$ the seller was willing to give us. The inspector also handed us a baggy of the insulation and told us it may contain asbestos materials and although it is very common in older homes, we may want to have it tested because once air born, the product is known to cause cancer.

Feeling cautious, we had it tested; it tested positive for asbestos. A few removal bids later and a firm "no" from the seller on helping to pay to have it removed-We decided to walk away. At almost $6,000 dollars to remove and having to be out of the house for a week, we knew it was something we couldn't afford and didn't want to risk being a safety issue.

So we are definitely in mourning right now. With Cole's internship at Goldman this summer, we may not qualify for the same amount of funding (or at all) because he is technically "unemployed".

However, I am confident we did everything we could, so now we just wait. We are supposed to be out of our current apartment by August 1, so let us know if you know of any great places to rent!


Jenny said...

I am SO sorry! It is so sad when you hope for something, and it doesn't work out. I hope that you find something that would work for you soon!

Nicole and Scott said...

I am so sorry hon, that is really devestating...I know how you feel. I am ten days away from losing my dream home...I know something even better will work out for you guys does Cole feel about his internship so far?

Jar & Ash said...

SAD DAYS!!!! :( Look on the bright can come live by us in our cardboard box on the corner!
Kidding aside, we are really sorry it didn't work out. Lets play soon and we can mourn together.
Love ya!

The Hartle's said...

I heard the sad news and saw a new for sale sign go up today... it breaks my heart to think we wont be able to talk through our windows!

Becky said...

Sorry about the house. I know you two were really excited. At least you won't be exposed to asbestos!
-Becky from BCU (Trent's wife)
P.S. It looks like I might be starting that book you recommended really soon...thanks!

Allison & Noah Riley said...

Maura - I'm so glad you came across our blog! And it was so fun chatting with you yesterday, I hope it helped at all...

I'm so sorry to hear about the home. But I'm not sorry to hear you won't be getting cancer from your walls. :)

Let's do something soon!