Friday, June 13, 2008

Little Did You Know

Little Known Facts About My Dad
  • My dad has a great sense of humor. (Really he does!) He is quick, sarcastic and is always really fun to talk to. Plus, check out that eyebrow lift below...awesome, right?
  • My dad is a builder. I know that other dad's may be handy around the house, but how many of your dad's could build a house? When my parents moved to Utah they literally built almost every stage of the house. (My mom discovered she is a very good electrician) Besides big things, my dad is always sketching his next project. Sometimes it is a kitchen island, custom shelves for my mom or the ever-important, back yard shed. I love his attention to detail and how every project is a shining example of his taste and imagination.
  • My dad is a historian. Ok. Maybe not really but he is a history buff and it is something he really loves. When I was in 7th grade and my family was home schooled, my dad taught me American History. What a fun time. My siblings and I got to go to my dad's office and sit in the conference room and learn about America! I think his dream is to go back to school and get a masters in History. I think it is a result of this interest that I love historical fiction and biographies.
  • My dad has a special spot. When we were little, my dad would sit in a chair almost diagonally with one leg swung over the arm of the chair (PS I think that position was a necessity because of the size of the chair, he doesn't sit like like that any more.). I remember perching myself on that leg and hanging with my dad while he would watch the nightly news. I don't think we ever talked and I certainly wasn't interested in the news but somehow it was a special spot just because I got to sit with him. Not surprisingly, we quickly grew out of that spot (and happily, my parents eventually bought larger chairs) but even today I know I have a special spot with my dad.

Love you, Dad!


Nicole and Scott said...

I LOVE HIM!!!!!!!!!!

Katie said...

When can we come up and visit your family/garden and new barn? Are you doing anything fun up in Ogden for the 4th?