Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Tree Huggers Beware

So as Cole and I were driving home from Bed Bath and Beyond last night we almost gave a very loud honk to the driver in front of us...

Our frustration started when Cole realized the car in front of us was a Acura something, something model something, something year that he really liked and there were about 15 bumper stickers all over the back end. In Cole's eyes, this person had successfully ruined his favorite car.

We read through some of the normal "I hate Bush" ones and even pondered the depth of the "Don't eat meat" one. Our favorite was one of a Native American man and the phrase "The earth is not ours, We are the earth's."

At that point we had to give this person props for believing enough in each cause to post it on his/her bumper. I mean that takes some measure of belief, right?

Right as we came to this realization, a cigarette butt flew out of the car window and landed on the ground.

No words folks, no words.


Katie said...

Wow! I feel like that looser bought the Acura from a loving tree-hugger who had put on each bumper sticker with care. Smokers and earthy slogans can't possibly mesh well with chi.

Wesley Warren said...

You've got to love anyone who can manage to sum up the entirety of their political stance or spiritual/religious beliefs within the spacial constraints of a bumper sticker.
I say, if you're going to be overt about your political/religious beliefs, do so in a way that isn't so much "in your face" and more conducive to a dialogue.

Oh, and I love Acura's, too. When I thought my car died a couple months ago, I scoured the state for a good deal on an Acura.

Nicole and Scott said...

You are honestly my favorite blogger EVER!