Monday, July 28, 2008

A Walk Down Memory Lane

My little sister Alyssa and her hubby Briggs graduated from BYU-Idaho this last Friday. So I had the opportunity to make a quick trip back to my alma moder and a good excuse for the family to gather.

I loved being reminded of the school that I loved and who I became while attending the school. In loving memory of this school I hope you will enjoy the following list I found online.

You know you lived in Rexburg if...

1. People judge you because of where you live
2. If a guy wants to be a big spender he takes you to Wingers
3. Shopping sprees include Walmart
4. You go on a date with someone and you find out they are engaged with someone else two weeks later
5. You get a text from a member of the opposite sex around 11:30 pm and they don't just wanna chat...
6. If a guy has a big truck/hummer, he is usually compensating for something
7. Rules are more strict in college then back home
8. You have been called a whore and you are still a virgin... obviously
9. You are 18+ and must sneak out of apt to stay out later than midnight
10. You have margarita nights... virgin of course
11. You go to the big city for fun... Idaho Falls
12. You feel super cool if you go to Provo for the weekend
13. 1/2 of BYUI is made up of people from the state of Washington
14. You have never played sports but you always make the team
15. You still have class if its -20 degrees... and you have to walk cuz the car wont start
16. You fall at least twice in winter on the stupid ice
17. You have gone on a date with someone at least two of your roommates have also gone out with
18. You stepped behind the chastity line and felt bad
19. There IS a chastity line...
20. Sunday dinner is a big freakin deal!
21. Parties get shut down by 10:00 pm
22. The best parties are at Shelbourne South Tower
23. The best dances are at Pinnacle or APX
24. You went to Fight Night or DBW and felt cool
25. You got sent home for wearing flip flops to class
26. You are fully aware of the floors and their meanings in the library
-3rd social floor and the cool place to study
-2nd the place to go to actually study
-1st no one really knows... just go there
27. You go to third floor to get a date
28. You have been a victim of a phone number contest
29. You have been involved in a prank war
30. Brian Regan and Dane Cook quotes run rampant
31. Age is definitely not an issue in dating...
32. You have had a roommate that gets mad when you are late for curfew
33. There IS a curfew...
34. You feel like a failure if not married by 21... old single and unimportant HA
35. You are basically going to hell if you live at the Ridge or Tuscany
36. You never meet anyone new at bonfires
37. You know what and where the Crack is
38. You have gotten in a snowball fight that was broken up by the police
39. Ramirez is the place to go after curfew
40. You skipped FHE and got lectured by your Bishop
41. You have had a made up calling (asst sunday school music director)
42. You know at least 5 people who have been either RS pres or EQ pres
43. You know what it means to "watch a movie" on a date
44. You have accidentally made out with someone you just met an hour before... whoops
45. You have done your hair and/or makeup to go work out
46. You have walked out in a towel and it was not just your roommates gawking at you awkwardly...
47. You know at least dos surrounding towns with less than 1000 people.
48. You have swam in an irrigation ditch
49. You know that Rigby lake is more of a pond...
50. You can name at least 3 bridges that you can jump off of
51. You are considered a gangster if you listen to rap
52. You know all the mormon swear words and use them regularly (fetch, snap, flip, shiz)
53. You have been yellow flagged for saying crap in a sports game
54. On Sunday evenings you watch Disney movies
55. You have to choose between the Superbowl and a CES fireside... and the Superbowl usually wins
56. You watch the Disney channel but won't admit it until someone else does it first
57. You have been involved in at least one ward talent show
58. You have secretly kept a pet in your apt
59. You can find out anything about anyone on campus cuz everyone knows everyone else's biznass
60. You get dirty looks as you walk home Tuesday at 2


The cute graduate!

Proud Parents

Siblings together for the first time in months

A fell0w attendee felt the need to air out her foot during the ceremony


The Hartle's said...

That foot cracks me up!

Jenny said...

Sigh great list! Makes me miss BYU-I.. :)

Chris and Molly Wambeke said...

That is a great list! The memories - it makes you miss that place!

Ashley said...

awww of course that list is true.. it's a BYUI THING I like your pics.. Cute!!!

Nicole and Scott said...

THere are so many cool things about this posting...I am not really sure where to start....I DIDN'T go to school in Rexburg and I still love and identify with this list....the pics are awesome!

Katie said...

Ok, first of all... I don't think you wrote your list. Where's Shelbourne Tower? I don't remember parties there.

Second, LOVE LOVE LOVE that the whole Bukey siblings have a picture at Alyssa's graduation. Reminds me of how we didn't get a picture together at our graduation, which I DON'T love.

Third, that is the nastiest thing that someone can't keep their shoes on at graduation.

Heather Perry said...

I think your blog is cute too. I love blogging. It is so much fun. You and your sisters look a lot a like. You look like your mom.

Heather Perry said...

I think your blog is cute too. I love blogging. It is fun. You and your sisters look a lot a like. You also look a lot like your mom.

Cameron and Shannon Voge said...

Cameron and I were reminiscing over your BYU-I list and laughing... those days were fun!

Chira said...

ew--the foot!! your list made me would be so much fun to go back for a visit!! and...we totally still do Sunday night Disney movies!! :D