Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Ivins Ward YW Camp

Last week, me and three of our Young Woman (youth ages 12-18) headed into the Spanish Fork canyon for Girls Camp. And let me tell you..we were camping. None of this "cabins", "cafeteria food", "swimming in the lake with the blob" kind of camping for us. We were roughing it and I have the poison ivy to prove it!

A few highlights for me included:
  • Pitching our tents on 60 degree slant to comply with the latest fire code (all tents must be 30 feet from the fire pit);
  • Winning the Dutch oven cooking contest with our delicious Chocolate Marshmallow Cake;
  • Waking up at 4:30 a.m. for the amazing sunrise hike;
  • Nightly scripture study/journaling sessions with the girls;
  • A constant scramble for a unique and funny cheer during ward role calls;
  • Throwing away all the foil dinners after the coals got too cold to actually cook the food... and then feeding the best of those to one of the visiting stake leaders;
  • My girl's constant obsession with keeping "secret sisters" a secret, even though there were only three of them;
  • Spiritual hike hosted by the stake leaders;
  • Sneaking home on Friday for a quick shower and the Tim McGraw concert (Updates to follow);
  • Driving behind my counselor, Heather, as she tried to make it out of the camp area in her Hyundai.
Thanks to my great counselors, I really only had to worry about getting everyone home alive and happy. Thanks so much, you guys. What a blast!

Sunrise Hike

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